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Elisa Van Arnam: Elisa is a single mom of two children who co-owns SoulKu Jewelry. All jewelry is made by work-at-home moms out of gorgeous gemstones and natural materials in Asheville, North Carolina. Support small business and moms who are working hard to be home with their little ones! Use the PROMO CODE: "APSoulku20" for 20% off your order

Tasha Crowther: Tasha is a mom of 6 living in Virginia who hand-sews customized, beautiful and functional Onbuhimos (Japanese-style back carrier) and waterproof mesh slings. Order yours on and use the promo code: ATTACHMENT for free shipping on your order!

Jenny Luckett: Jenny is a mom of 2 living in Tennessee who owns January Moon, a company that designs stylish and convenient infant teething jewelry and keychains. Use the promo code: APP15 for 15% off your order!

Rachel Rainbolt: Rachel is a mom of 3 living in Washington state who is a parenting coach and Attachment Parenting advocate/writer. She has written 4 books and owns Sage Parenting where she offers coaching, blog posts, and free resources for families.

Suni Sanchez: Suni is a mom of 2 living in Australia (born in Mexico). She is the author of the upcoming book Welcome to Parenthood - a collection of all of her research and advice surrounding parenting practices. She can be found here:, and is offering FREE 20-minut phone consultations to our listeners for parenting advice.

Kat Karnaky: Kat is a mom of 2 and clothing designer of Baby Cats of California ( She lives in Oakland, where her designs are sold in kids clothing boutiques. Use the code "happybaby" for FREE SHIPPING  on your order through the rest of the year!

Marian O'Neill: Marian is a mom of 2 and hypnobirthing and childbirth educator at Love Birth  ( She lives in Brisbane, Australia. Use the reference code "APP_PROMO_2018" for 10% when signing up for your class through December 2018.